Chief Brad Delatorre

  • Appointed Fire Chief in January 2019

Deputy Chief/Facilities Manager
Ken Destree

Assistant Chief
Carl Boni

Administration Secretrary
Lorie Martenson

Chief Emeritus
Jeffrey C. Macko

All personnel can be reached through the main office at 847-639-2121

Training/Community Service Officer
Frank Polivka

Fire Inspection Officer/Captain
Andy Veath

Public Education/Media Communications Officer
Michael Douglass


The Cary Fire Protection District has a Board of Trustees consisting of 5 members, who are elected by the residents of the District for terms of 6 years. The Board of Trustees is the authority that governs the Cary Fire Protection District and provides the financial oversight for the district. The Board of Trustees generally meet the 2nd Thursday of each month and the meetings are open to the public.

Current Trustees

Ron Raupp – President
Elected in 1995, current term expires 2019

Mark Guerra – Treasurer
Elected in 2007, current term expires 2019

William Hauck – Secretary
Elected in 1997, current term expires 2021

Patsy Frits – Trustee
Elected in 2001, current term expires in 2023

Lance Neuses – Trustee
Elected in 2017, current term expires 2023

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