Cary Fire Protection District (“District”) will receive sealed RFQ submissions for Construction Management Services for the 2020 Headquarters Addition and Partial Remodel project until 2:00 P.M. local time, Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at Fire Station No. 1 of the Cary Fire Protection District, 400 Cary-Algonquin Road, Cary, Illinois 60013.  Sealed envelopes or packages containing RFQ submissions shall be addressed to the Fire Chief and plainly marked with the Proposer’s name and “CONFIDENTIAL – CONSTRUCTION MANAGER QUALIFICATIONS – Cary Fire Protection District Station 1” on the outside of the envelope.

  • PURPOSE: The District is seeking a company to provide Construction Management services for the construction of an addition and partial remodel to the existing Station 1 Headquarters located at 400 Cary-Algonquin Road, Cary, Illinois. The Construction Manager will assume the overall role and responsibility as a general contractor; therefore, the services requested are for a Construction Manager as Constructor.  The District intends to enter into an AIA Construction Manager Contract where the Construction Manager acts as Constructor.


  • PROJECT: The purpose of this project is to expand the current station’s Apparatus Bay, Gear Storage, and Day Room spaces, as well as remodel the existing Kitchen, Bunk Hall, and Radio/Report Room. The Apparatus/Gear Storage addition is approximately 2,025 sq.ft, and the Day Room addition is approximately 728 sq.ft.  In total, the spaces being remodeled add up to approximately 1,956 sq.ft.


  • EVALUATION CRITERIA: The detailed statement of qualifications submitted should include information regarding the company, its principal contact persons for the project, specific information regarding construction management services, and change order experience on other projects of this size and nature. Qualifications will be evaluated on the following:


  • A summary of the company’s experience with Municipal Fire Service Facility Construction Management (if applicable)
  • A summary of the company’s experience with additions/remodels, including phasing construction and keeping the facility operational during construction
  • Ability to understand the special needs of a Fire Department
  • Ability to relate to Village and District officials
  • Ability to complete the project in an acceptable time schedule
  • Ability to easily coordinate all phases of the design and construction phases
  • Ability to coordinate work with selected subcontractors
  • Information on your company’s approach to the Owner during design and construction
  • Project efficiency and cost savings


    • Company information
    • Project experience
    • Project approach
    • Litigation and ethics information
    • Certification
    • Bond and insurance data
    • Any supporting data


  • PRESENTATION: Four (4) hard copies of the RFQ and a PDF of the RFQ on a flash drive are required.


  • DISTRICT’S RIGHTS: The District reserves the right to reject all or any submissions, to negotiate changes in the scope of the work or services to be provided, to withhold the award for any reason it may determine, and to waive or decline to waive any technicalities or irregularities in a submission.


Preliminary plans, elevations, and existing photos are available for reference.  If you need additional information on this RFQ, please contact Brad Delatorre, Fire Chief at 847.639.2121 or